Portuguese Interpreters in BirminghamPortuguese Interpreters in Birmingham

Portuguese is a Romance Language and is the only official language of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique and Angola. However, because of Portugal’s expansion during colonial times, it is also spoken in many other countries such as China or India. Thanks to immigration, a lot of Portuguese people can even be found here in Birmingham.

Are you a solicitor working for a law firm who needs to arrange a professional Portuguese interpreter for a client? Do you work for a medical organisation in constant need of Portuguese intermediaries for its patients? Are you Portuguese yourself, new in the UK and find it difficult to deal with all the administrative work in English all by yourself? No worries, we are here to help.

Birmingham Translation Agency, as one of the leading interpreting and translation agencies in the UK has been providing highly qualified, professional Portuguese interpreters with DPSI diploma for a wide range of Public and Private Sector clients, always meeting their highest expectations. We are proud to have an ongoing cooperation with many governmental and international organisations such as the NHS, Courts, Police, Solicitors and Schools as well as with private clients and we have therefore gained professional experience in various fields of interpreting.

Types of Portuguese Interpreting Services at BTA

At BTA we understand that each communication situation is different and therefore requires a different type of interpreting. In our 8 years of professional activity we have expanded the scope of our Portuguese interpreting services so that, irrespective of the situation in which you find yourself, we are able to provide you with a suitable and professional interpreter. In our offer you will find the following types of Portuguese interpreting services:

However, at BTA, we do not limit our services to interpreting only, as we also provide a wide range of Portuguese translation and transcription services. Although our main focus has always been the language, we are also passionate about different cultures. Therefore in our offer, you will also find a huge variety of Portuguese culture related services such as cultural consultancy courses or localisation. To find out more about these services, please click on them and you will be transferred to the appropriate section of this website.

Our Portuguese Interpreters

As a recognised language and culture related services provider, BTA chooses to only cooperate with highly qualified and experienced professionals. In our many years of conducting an acknowledged business activity, we have developed an impressive database of Portuguese interpreters who hold qualifications not only in interpreting itself but also in particular fields of this craft such as legal, medical, business, technical, military interpreting etc. Moreover we have at our disposal interpreters who have obtained DPSI diploma and who are therefore perfectly prepared for sessions at the Courts or with the Police. Our Portuguese interpreters are bicultural and native speakers of this language who, thanks to ongoing rigorous trainings held in our office, are familiar with the appropriate code of conduct for each and every situation. Moreover, they are not only CRB/DBS checked; they also had to sign the Confidentiality Agreement, which guarantees their professionalism and their full discretion.

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