Cultural and Language Consultancy Services

Our world is composed of more than 7 billions of human-beings, divided into more than 200 countries. Every country is different, even though there are some similarities sometimes between bordering countries or industrialised countries – in comparison to Third-World countries. The source of the conflicts between countries or part of countries is often one element: culture. At BTA, we can provide one solution to all of the above mysteries. We provide cultural training courses and language consultancy services to international organisations as well as public and private sector organisations.

What is Culture and How BTA Can Help you Cross Cultural Barriers?

Culture is a bright word that might have several meanings. The meaning often depends on the culture which defines the characteristics. Culture is mostly a human concept which has led – and still leads – to conflicts. The more common definition would refer to a group which shares characteristics such as language, traditions and beliefs. We often assume that one country equals to one culture. However, within a country, there might be more than one culture, called “subcultures”. Subcultures refer to the variations within a culture that share groups of people. Having various cultures shows the diversity of our world. Yet, it can also be an issue when it comes to deal with each other. Cultural conflicts often happen because people do not understand each other, even though they might speak the same language.

At BTA we provide culture and subculture based training courses to all types of organisations to meet their particular requirements in their target cultures and clients.

What is Language and How Can it Impact on Your Business?

Language also becomes a vital issue when you want to start up a company abroad, specially when the desired country is a country with another language. Indeed, as it is also the case with subcultures, a language can be divided into several dialects. A dialect follows a lot of rules of the language it is based on. Nevertheless, modifications due to geographical disparities occur, such as vocabulary specificities, particular expressions, different spellings, grammatical constructions that vary.

Professional and Qualified Cultural and Language Advisers

Therefore, Birmingham Translation Agency and its cultural and language consultancy services are committed to help you to achieve your goal and fulfil your dreams without generating cultural conflicts, so that you will be able to create a friendly atmosphere in your company and to deal peacefully with your customers and the other companies. Our professionals will follow your progress from the idea in your mind until the opening of your company. Afterwards, our cultural and language consultancy will stay available at anytime in case you need any help.