Tunisian Interpreters in Birmingham 

Like most African countries, Tunisia has a diversity of languages spoken among its population: Darija – also known as “Tunisian Arabic” – French and Arabic are the three main languages spoken in the country. Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) can cover all your needs for Tunisian Interpreters in Birmingham or whatever the language is. If you want to find out more about our interpreting services for Tunisian languages, stay on that page.

Birmingham Translation Agency, Trusted by All Sectors!

BTA has been providing interpreting services for more than a decade. Our experienced management team is able to cope with any specific requirements you could have, should it be the variety of languages, last-minute interpreting, or the type of interpreting service. BTA is a full member of the ATC– the Association of Translation Companies – and of the EUATC which aim to promote professional language services is extended to all European countries.   

Three key steps to achieve a successful interpreting session 

First of all, your interpreter should be qualified for the job: this is the basic requirement which ensures that the professional  you are dealing with knows what he or she is doing.

Second, he should be experienced: BTA has got contracts and provides interpreting services to major organisations such as the NHS. We also work in partnership with mental health institutions and we cannot afford to work with linguists , who do not have a strong experience providing interpreting services.

Third, your professional should be a reliable person, who you can trust. All our interpreters are made aware of the regulations and legislations ruling the interpreting market during the trainings that BTA provides to them on a regular basis.
Our interpreters are also subject to Enhanced CRB/DBS check in order to ensure security and integrity at work.

BTA’s professionals all meet these requirements, and we also try to provide you as often as possible with native speakers of Tunisian language. BTA interpreters also have a specialisation which means that some of them will be more adequate for dealing with medical appointment and other with court interpreting. Depending on your needs, we will assign the right interpreter for your meeting or event.

Tunisian interpreters, allowing the process of democratic and economic transition in Tunisia

Tunisia finds itself in the middle of a political and economic transition, which brings to light its strong industrial culture and services. The country aims at promoting further progress and stability within an ever-changing world. If you are part of the process aiming at bringing further development and political stability to Tunisia, you may need the services of Tunisian Interpreters in Birmingham or in Tunisia itself: they will ease the process of negotiations and the endeavours made to take key steps towards democracy thanks to their knowledge of the language and culture of Tunisia.

Different types of services

Our company can provide you with various types of interpreting sessions: depending on your situation, one or the other might be more suitable for you. At BTA, we can offer you:

       Types of interpreting:                                                      Modes of interpreting:

      Social Interpreting                   Consecutive Interpreting
      Court Interpreting                   Simultaneous Interpreting
      Business Interpreting                   Whispering Interpreting
      GP Appointment Interpreting                   Relay Interpreting
      Conference Interpreting                   Telephone Interpreting

When contacting us, please let us know the nature of the appointment and our team will help you choosing the best option for you!

Guaranteed data safety

We would like to inform you that all the Tunisian Interpreters working for BTA have signed a Confidentiality Agreement in order to guarantee the complete safety of your data. Moreover, our company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, which further assures the secrecy of your meetings with an interpreter.

How can I book Tunisian Interpreters in Birmingham?

There are three ways you can book a Tunisian interpreter with BTA:

  • Call us on this number 0121 268 0077
  • E-mail us at enquiries@birminghamtranslationagency.co.uk
  • Send us a fax on 0121 345 0806

After submitting your request, the booking team will contact the right linguist for you and you will directly receive an email or fax confirming all the details of your appointment with the interpreter along with his or her name. You can also ask for a free quote directly on our website.

Written by Emilie Ducau