Danish Interpreters in Birmingham

Danish Interpreters in Birmingham

Danish Interpreters in Birmingham

Danish is spoken by around 5.5 million people, mainly in Denmark but also in Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Germany. It is also the first foreign language learnt in Iceland. You might need our Danish Interpreters in Birmingham since Denmark’s economy is mainly based on foreign trade. Therefore, if you have to deal with Danish partners but do not really know how to manage because of the language and cultural barriers, you can ask for the support of one of our Danish Interpreters!

Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA): A Major British Language Service Provider

BTA is a proud member of the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd, and as such enjoys the full membership of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EU ATC). These two associations are gathering major British and European Language Service Providers in order to promote professional language services among exporters and trade organisations in general.

We provide rigorous Public Service Interpreting and Business Interpreting training to our interpreters on a regular basis to ensure that they are continually in full compliance with the requirements of the market and following the regulations in compliance with Confidentiality rules and professional ethics. Our company provides successful interpreting services to the NHS, to local authorities, schools, police, football clubs etc. With BTA, you can rest assured that you will receive the utmost quality from our professional interpreters.

Flawless Communication With Your Danish Business PartnersTeam

There is this famous statement by Willy Brandt which says “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen![1]”. It is a sales strategy to allow your foreign partner to have an easy access to all the information regarding the product you are trying to sell to him.

If this person struggles to understand what it is all about, they will certainly abandon all negotiations and go to another company which knows how to adapt better in the frame of a foreign partnership. Whereas if you know how to please your foreign partner, and show them that you are making efforts in order to make their life easier by providing support in their own native language, it will be greatly appreciated and the process of negotiations will end up in a positive way for you.

Danish Interpreters and Business Brokers, Get Two in One!

Our Danish Interpreters in Birmingham can really make a difference as regards to the right development of your business, so do not hesitate to contact us to greatly improve your sales results abroad.

Specialised Danish Interpreters

Our Danish Interpreters in Birmingham will bring added-value to your meetings and events by providing linguistic and cultural support to both parties and they will ensure that all the conditions are reunited for you to meet your targets. All our interpreters have a specialty of their own: business, economics, public services, medicine, law, etc. Whatever your needs are, BTA can assign the perfect linguist for your projects. Obviously, our interpreters hold an interpreting qualification and are experienced in a particular field as well.

Here are the offers we can propose you to cover you interpretation needs:

       Types of interpreting:                                                     Modes of interpreting:

      Court Interpreting                   Consecutive Interpreting
      Business Interpreting                   Simultaneous Interpreting
      Conference Interpreting                   Telephone Interpreting
      Technical Interpreting                   Whispering Interpreting
      Public Service Interpreting                   Relay Interpreting

We guarantee the safety of your data  

In order to guarantee the safety of your data, all our interpreters have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and our company is also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Moreover, all the interpreters working for BTA are subject to Enhanced CRB check.

Want to book an interpreter?

If you are willing to book a Danish Interpreter with BTA, you can call this number 0121 268 0077 or send an email to enquiries@birminghamtranslationagency.co.uk



Written by Emilie Ducau

[1] Then you have to speak German!