Estonian Interpreters in Birmingham

Estonian Interpreters in Birmingham

Estonian Interpreters in Birmingham

If you are looking for Estonian Interpreters in Birmingham for your meeting and/or appointment, you have come to the right place.  Birmingham Translations Agency (BTA) has the solution to your problems.


As a leading Interpreting and Translations Company based in the UK, BTA provides Estonian interpreters which are trained on a regular basis so that they can work with the utmost professionalism. Our Company provides professional qualified and trained Estonian interpreters for various occasions such as:

Simultaneous Interpreting                                                 Conference Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting                                                    Business Interpreting

Whispered Interpreting (Chuchotage)                                  International Interpreting

Court Interpreting                                                            Telephone Interpreting

Police Interpreting                                                                Voiceovers

We provide Estonian interpreters in the active city of Birmingham, its surrounding areas in the West Midlands and the rest of the United Kingdom.


As it became a member of the European Union, Estonia has opened its borders, giving the inhabitants the opportunity to try their luck abroad and find a job in another country. The United Kingdom welcomes around 15,000 Estonians enjoying the opportunities that their new country can offer. Therefore, until they have the necessary proficiency in English to deal with British institutions and organisations by themselves, they’ll need the help of an interpreter.

BTA is the reference when it comes to find Estonian interpreters all over the United Kingdom and across the world. All of our interpreters are trained on a regular basis to be fully prepared for any interpreting sessions. Besides, they are qualified to interpret in the following fields:

Business meetings

Doctor appointments

Asylum interviews

Job interviews



Estonian is the official language of Estonia and is also used in the European Union institutions such as the European Union Parliament or the European Union Central Bank. With 1.3 million speakers, Estonian isn’t one of the most spoken languages in the world but it has a significant importance in the European Union. As every language, Estonian has several dialects which are divided in two groups: the northern and southern dialects. The standard Estonian language is based on the central dialect – keskmurre – which belongs to the northern dialects along with the western dialect – läänemurre (regions of Läänemaa and Pärnumaa), the islands’ dialect – saarte murre (regions of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa) and the eastern dialect – idamurre (northwestern shore of Lake Peipsi). The southern dialects are composed of Tartu, Mulgi, Võru and Setu dialects.

Our Company ensures that our interpreters and the person they have to interpret for can understand each other. Therefore we are committed to providing native speakers of the language who are able to speak and understand several dialects.


FACIAL EXPRESSIONS – If Estonians do not use body language when they speak, they study facial reactions. Do your best to hide everything and keep eye contact during the whole speech.

PRIVACY – Estonians get straight to the point when it comes to business. They don’t take time to talk about their private life. Small talks can occur, but they will be short and simple. However, as Estonians prefer to do business with friends, try to socialise with them – lunches, dinners, etc. – in order to build an personal relationship with your future partners.

WORLD WAR II – Do not talk about World War II unless asked as it is a sensible subject for Estonians – Estonia was on both sides, the “winning” side and the “losing” side.

CULTURE – It is really unwise to criticise, even slightly, the Estonian culture. Moreover, avoid comparing Estonia with Latvia or Lithuania as they generally perceive themselves as Scandinavians rather than Baltics.


Estonian is not the only language spoken in the country. Indeed, in addition to the Estonian language, which is the only official language in the country and is spoken by 67% of the population. Russian is the second most spoken language in Estonia (30%). Ukrainian, Belarusian, Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian are also significantly spoken.

If you need any type of Estonian interpreting service, look no further. We would be happy to provide you a free quote
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