Dutch Interpreting services in Birmingham

Dutch Interpreting services in Birmingham

Dutch Interpreting services in Birmingham

Dutch is a German language spoken by over 23 million native speakers and by another 5 million who use it as a second language. It is official language in the Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten and Suriname. Curiously enough, Dutch has features in common with both German and English and is thought to be in the middle between the two languages. As Birmingham is one of the most populated and culturally mixed cities of the UK, it might well be the case that you need Dutch Interpreting Services in Birmingham. In that case, BTA is glad to help you.

Dutch Interpreting Services in Birmingham meet your needs.

Are you a solicitor working for a law firm that represents a Dutch speaking client and needs an interpreter to help him/her plead in court? Do you work for a hospital or surgery and regularly have to arrange Dutch interpreters for patients? Are you a Dutch yourself and do not feel confident enough with your level of English to deal with administrative matters in the UK on your own? No worries, we are here to help you. At BTA we will deal with every kind of language assistance you need. Indeed, we offer a huge range of interpreting and language assistance services, including:



Should you need a translation instead of an interpreting service, we still have the right solution for you. We can provide you with the best translators in Birmingham and all over the UK.

BTA Dutch Interpreters

BTA has a lengthy experience in the translation and interpreting field with very high standards. In order to offer you the best possible results, we select our interpreters choosing among those with the best references and the lengthiest experience. They are generally native speakers, with a high proficiency level in English to ensure that whatever the parties say is rendered accurately in the target language. This is how we can offer you the best Dutch Interpreting Services in Birmingham. Additionally, most of our interpreters hold qualifications in specific fields such as Medical, Legal, Technical, and Business interpreting.

You confidential data are at the heart of our safety provisions.

Throughout the years we have satisfied a number of customers with different needs. Therefore, we are well aware of how concerned you might be about the privacy of your confidential data. BTA guarantees all the privacy you need, as all of our interpreters have signed a Confidential Agreement preventing them from disclosing any piece of information. Also, our company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 to further safeguard your privacy.


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