Translation of Letters and Emails

Business emails, private letters, emails or letters to officials – in translation the nature of the correspondence doesn’t matter. It always has to be translated properly, precisely, and professionally. Furthermore, the recipient should have an impression, that the letter or email was originally in their language. Those seem to be very well-known principles. But, recently many people forget about them and start to use computer translation programmes. Meanwhile, every good translator knows that such programmes create artificial, hardly understandable and often incorrect translation of letters – they are simply not capable of translating texts in a way, an experience and qualified translators do.

translation of letters and emails

At Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) we pay attention to all the principles set forth by experienced, qualified and well-known theorists of translation, adjusting them to everyday needs of our clients. We work only with the best translators and linguists to make sure that your letter or email will always be translated using the appropriate register for the target language and culture.

Our aim is your satisfaction. That is why numerous business, legal as well as private clients have entrusted us with their official and personal correspondence. 

fast and reliable translation of lettersCertified Translation of Letters

At BTA we are aware that some letters and emails may as well function as official documents. That is why we also provide our clients with certified translations. Apart from the standard Stamp of Certification, we also may confirm the authenticity of your documents.

Our utmost professionalism, highest standards and successful cooperation with experienced translators don’t have to exclude the low, reasonable prices. BTA provides affordable certified translation and interpreting services, which would leave your budget untouched.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns. We also invite you to visit our main website of the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group.