Proofreading Services

Translating is one important task. However, being a translator does not mean being the perfect linguist. Typographical errors and translating mistakes may occur, and it is complicated to proofread oneself and see them. That is why, in addition to its translation service, BTA provides a professional and reliable proofreading services UK that is committed to offer the best certified proofreading of the translation of the documents so that you can provide errorless translations with the high quality standards our company certifies.

When a translator finishes translating your document from the source language into the target language you requested, the translation is not immediately send to you. Before any certification, we, at BTA, make sure that the translation of your document(s) is the most accurate translation we can provide. Therefore, we provide high-qualified and professional proofreading services. Here is a short video introduction as to How is a Translation Certified.

What is proofreading?

Maybe you heard about proofreading when you were taking an exam in high school or in college. Instructors always told you to proofread your work before submitting it. When you write an important letter or email, you always make sure that there is no grammatical, spelling or typographical errors.

As far as translation is concerned, it is exactly the same. The proofreader is the final reader and the last stage before we certify a translation. Their job consists of quality check. They will make sure of the accuracy of the translation (in terms of vocabulary, spellings and grammar), the images and the typesetting. After his/her expert and meticulous proofreading, the translation of your documents will be finally done and certified by our proofreading service.

Professional Proofreading Services UK (Birmingham)

Our proofreading service provides qualified and professional proofreaders who are used to work along with the translators so that your document(s) will be dealt at the very short notice but with utmost quality and professionalism.