Types of Interpreting Services

BTA offers different Types of Interpreting Services in order to suit perfectly every occasion and allow the communication go smoothly and effortlessly.

Medical Interpreting Services

Do you work for a medical or social care organisation and have to provide Interpreters to your patients who can’t speak English properly? Or are you a foreigner in the UK in need for medical assistance but you don’t really feel comfortable in speaking English? In both cases you need a qualified medical interpreter in order to fully communicate with the doctor/ the patient. BTA has been providing professional Medical Interpreting Services for important organisations such as the NHS for over a decade now, and has always succeeded in meeting the requirements of both the client and the patient: you won’t certainly be the exception!

Legal Interpreting Services

Whether you are a lawyer, a barrister, or a legal representative for a non English speaking client,  BTA can provide cost effective Interpreting services for courts, police interviews, social services and Insurance Claim Interviews of the utmost quality. We are aware of the fact that in the legal field we deal with delicate issues which require maximum attention, so you should not be concerned when entrusting us with your legal matters – we can surely sort it out in a professional and experienced way. Not for coincidence we enjoy the trust of Legal Authorities, which have used our services thousands of times and are still working with us.


Business and Economics Interpreting Services

Are you a businessman who has business relations with foreigners and need someone to enable the communication between you and them? Our Business and Economics Interpreting Services may then be the right solution for you. We can help you with your job interviews , your business meetings and your tender and bid matters by providing you professional and qualified Interpreters in the field of Business and Economics who can face the situation with the utmost competence.

  • Business meetings

For a business meeting we can provide different modes of interpreting, such as simultaneous, consecutive, whispering or rely interpreting according to the need.
If the meeting takes place in different locations, we can also supply telephone or video remote interpreting.

  • Conference

As for the business meetings, we provide different modes of interpreting in order to best fit your needs.

Public service Interpreting

Thanks to our Registered Public Service Interpreters (RPSI), we have been able to provide interpreting services for countless Social care appointments ranging from asylum applications, people with mental health issues, children and weak adults in need to homecare and so on for over a decade. If you’re a social worker dealing with a non English speaking patient, you can completely rely on our RPSI, also available for BSL.

Interpreting for personal events and matters

  • Marriage

If you are getting married or considering registering your marriage, or perhaps you only want your parents to understand your future husband/wife, you should definitely rely on our Personal Events Interpreting Services in any language you need.

  • Divorce

If you are going through difficult phases of divorce, then you should be looking for a court qualified and court registered Interpreter, as not all interpreters are registered with courts and cannot help you defend your case, You will be pleased to know that BTA can provide you with the peace of mind by booking you the suitably qualified and professional Interpreters in Birmingham or anywhere else in the UK.

No matter which occasion you need our Interpreters for, BTA‘s different Types of Interpreting Services can face every situation with the utmost accuracy. Indeed, we combine our Types of Interpreting Services with different Modes of Interpreting, such as Face to face simultaneous Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting and so on.

Contributor Virginia Piergentili