Medical Translation Services across the UK

Birmingham Translation Agency offers certified medical translation services for the NHS. From doctor’s notes to medical reports, our translation service provides qualified and experienced translators in the medical field. Our translation service in the medical care area offers certified and qualified translations in over 265 languages such as Arabic, Bulgarian, Farsi, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Slovak and many others. You can find a list of all the languages we provide in the appropriate section of our website.

Translating in healthcare and medical setting is not an easy task and sometimes it can also be an important matter. Indeed, medical field and most other fields have their own vocabulary. Not every translator can work in any area. It requires specific skills and knowledge in the subject. Therefore our translators are experienced having wealth of experience in medical translations.

In addition to working with health services and medical companies, we also provide medical translations for private clients. Apart from providing translations, we also offer interpreting in the medical field.

Confidential and Sensitive Medical Translation Services

Documents in the area of medical care create a very sensitive matter that demands accuracy and a sense of responsibility. When it comes to health and especially human health, no mistake is acceptable. One slight error in the translation can make the difference between health and sickness, health and injury, even sometimes life and death. Therefore one of our main concerns, at Birmingham Translation Agency, is to deal with each translation of medical documents with utmost accuracy, quality and professionalism.

Being a member of the Absolute Interpreting & Translations Groups, BTA has been accredited with the ATC and ISO 9001:2015 credentials and is also a full member of the Association of Translations Company and of the European Union Associations of Translations Company. By providing one of our certified translations, we insure you, our clients, that the translations of you documents are accurate so that you can be treated correctly.