Legal Interpreting Services

Legal Interpreting Services (or interpreting for the Legal Sector) may include a number of various assignments such as: police interviews, court hearings, meetings with attorneys or conferences. Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) is able to provide our Legal Sector clients with reliable and certified Legal Interpreting Services in Birmingham and across the UK in more than 265 languages including the most popular ones like French, Spanish, German, Polish and Russian to the languages that are rarely encountered in the UK as Armenian, Kurdish, Igbo, Twi, Farsi or Greek.

Legal Interpreting Services in Birmingham in a Variety of Situations:

In our globalised world, life can lead you anywhere, even in places you did not expect to be. Sometimes, your path leads you into a foreign country. Sometimes you do not know the language spoken in this country, sometimes you do. When you have issues and you need help for special authorities, it might be hard to express the situation, your feelings in another language that is not your mother tongue.

A Birmingham Legal Interpreting Service there for you!

At BTA we acknowledge the difficulty to feel comfortable when you are not a native citizen, especially when you are dealing with the Legal Sector. Therefore Birmingham Translation Agency is committed to provide you professional and qualified interpreters used to work in the legal area so we make sure that they are reliable to help you in any situation you need.

At BTA we are conscious that legal-related matters demand the highest level of confidentiality and security. To ensure our clients that their information are safe we ask our interpreters to sign the confidentiality agreement which guarantees the trustworthiness and reliability of our services.

Accredited Legal Interpreting Service and Our Credentials

If you are looking for the professional, trusted and high-quality services BTA is the best choice for you. We are the leader in the field of translations and interpreting and our credentials may only confirm that. Our company being a member of the Absolute Interpreting & Translations Group, received the ATC and ISO9001:2008 credentials, which ensure that the services we provide are certified, professional and qualified.