Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is, next to simultaneous interpreting, the most popular and widespread type of interpreting service. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter speaks after, and not simultaneously with the speaker. The speech is usually divided into sections to facilitate the work of the interpreter, who sits or stands beside the speaker, listening and sometimes also taking notes of what is being said.

Consecutive interpreting is more likely to be used for private face-to-face appointments such as medical appointments. The client or patient (sometimes it can also be a group session) and the professional sit together and the interpreter becomes the link between the two parties, helping them to understand each other.

Professionals who interpret consecutively require, in addition to the normal skills that are required for any kind of interpreting, good memory in order to deliver detailed speeches in the target language. High-qualified interprets can easily interpret more than 10 minutes of speech with utmost accuracy.

consecutive interpreting

Qualified and Experienced Interpreters

At Birmingham Translation Agency, we are committed to offer qualified and experienced interpreters who can provide professional consecutive interpreting for appointment in many fields such as medical appointment, business meetings, job interviews, court sessions, etc.