Azerbaijani/Azer Interpreters in Birmingham

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a lot of Azerbaijani speakers decided to immigrate to the United Kingdom, seeking for a better place. They chose to leave their country mainly for political and economic reasons and to stay with their relatives in already established Russian or Turkish communities across the UK. The largest Azerbaijani communities can be found in London, Manchester and Liverpool, but that doesn’t exclude the large population of Azerbaijani living in Birmingham, since it is the second biggest city in the UK.

Therefore, knowing the market demand, we at Birmingham Translation Agency provide professional and prompt Azerbaijani (Azer) interpreting services. Our interpreters will meet all your requirements and expectations.


Our team of interpreters is composed only of professional linguists holding the necessary qualifications to be an interpreter, such as degrees in languages, linguistic or translation. They also attend our trainings which draw their attention to our clients’ needs, expectations and requirements. Moreover, all of our interpreters, as well as translators, are experts in the field they work in and are familiar with the medical, legal or technical terms of the languages they speak.


Thanks to years of experience on the interpreting and translation market, we have become familiar with our clients’ needs. This allows us to constantly adjust our services to fit their needs. Our services include:

  • simultaneous / conference interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • whispered interpreting (chuchotage)
  • telephone interpreting
  • public service interpreting (medical appointments, court hearings, police interviews, social care meetings)
  • voiceover


Azerbaijani language, sometimes also referred to as Azeri language, belongs to the Turkic language family. It is mainly spoken in Eastern Europe and Western Asia by 23 million native speakers living in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iran, the Republic of Georgia, Russia as well as in other countries.

Azerbaijani handwriting is based on the Arabic script, which was introduced throughout the different regions of Azerbaijan in the 7th century. In 1992, a new alphabet based on the Latin one was introduced, but it is estimated that most Azerbaijani native speakers still continue to use the Arabic script.


Some Azerbaijanis are very famous in Great-Britain. The most popular Azerbaijanis include young pop singer Elyar Fox and singer Sami Yusuf.

Jarema Pyziak