Telephone Interpreting

professional telephone interpretingEveryday, hundreds of people need an interpreter for various reasons such as medical appointments, professional meetings, court sessions, etc. An interpreter ensures the understanding between the two or more parties and plays an important role during the meeting. In case of misunderstandings, the consequences can have a great impact either on the relationship between the two or more parties, or on the development of the session or meeting.

It is not easy to find a reliable and professional interpreter available at any time and at any place, especially in case of emergency. Telephone interpreting is considered as a kind of consecutive interpreting, since the interpreter has to wait for the parties to finish their speech before starting interpreting. Telephone interpreting does also include interpreting in the British Sign Language (BSL). A video transmission is used during this kind of telephone interpreting.

Sometimes, it is possible that our professional and qualified interpreters can be unavailable in person due to the distance between their home and the place of work, or because they were requested by a different client. In such cases, as a reliable and professional company, it is a duty to try our best to satisfy our clients’ requests and meet their needs.

Professional Telephone Interpreting

In order to have the most effective service, Birmingham Translation Agency also provides professional telephone interpreting so that, even if we did not manage to find you an interpreter to be with you during your appointment, you can still benefit from a voice to hear you and to help you understand your interlocutor.