Video Remote Interpreting

Interpreting services can be needed in a wide range of different situations, from professional meetings to medical appointments. The presence of a professional interpreter creates a link between the parties and ensures a complete understanding for the whole duration of the meeting. Normally the interpreter sits together with the professional and the client or patient, but it is not always possible to find a reliable interpreter available on site, especially in case of emergency. Telephone interpreting can represent a way to solve this problem, but sometimes it is not enough. In such cases Video Remote Interpreting may be just the solution you need.

What is Video Remote Interpreting?

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is similar to telephone interpreting but it relies on the devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide visual interpreting services as well as spoken language interpreting services. Generally, the professional and the client/patient are located together in front of a computer screen with a web camera, whereas the interpreter works from another location provided with a professional equipment to ensure video and audio connectivity.

In case of British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation, the interpreter listens to the person speaking into the microphone and renders the message into sign language for the deaf person, who sees it on the screen.

Video remote interpreting is a growing field, especially in case of medical emergency. In these situations, patients need to communicate immediately with medical personnel, but it may take time for a professional interpreter to arrive on site. Thanks to video remote interpreting, hospitals can connect with a qualified interpreter quickly and the staff can interact with the patient right away.

Professional Video Remote Interpreting

In order to provide the best service, Birmingham Translation Agency also offers professional video remote interpreting. Sometimes our interpreters could be unavailable in person due to short notice or because they live too far from the place of work, in such cases we try our best to satisfy our clients’ need by offering telephone interpreting or video remote interpreting.

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