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Afrikaans is the official language in South Africa, minority language in Namibia, less spoken in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Approximately 7 million people speak Afrikaans as their native language and, in whole – as people also speak Afrikaans as a second language –, there are 20 millions of speakers around the world. That is why Afrikaans interpreting services are widely needed around the entire world.

Professional and Qualified Afrikaans Interpreters

As a leading Interpreting and Translations Company in West Midlands, Birmingham Translations Agency (BTA) is committed to provide professional and reliable Afrikaans interpreters for your meetings in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Our interpreters are native speakers and can ensure that the cultural matters are strictly respected.

Ideal Interpreters

Because everybody is different, BTA can provide the ideal professional Afrikaans interpreter that will meet your specific needs. Indeed, interpreters can be specialised depending on their field of work. As our Company is working with clients from the medical, legal, finance and other areas, we make sure that our Afrikaans interpreters know about the subject and the specific vocabulary that will interpret for.

Here at BTA, we provide professional qualified and trained Afrikaans interpreters for many different situations including:

Afrikaans in the UK

As a former colony, South Africa’s and United Kingdom’s governments keep a good relationship between their countries. As a powerful country in the world, the UK is also a good candidate to start a new life. For both of these reasons, around 700,000 South Africans live in British cities, such as Birmingham which is the second largest-city of the United Kingdom. However, even though English is one of the official languages in South Africa, it is not the most spoken language. Immigrants from South Africa often need help to understand their new environment and to deal with complicated procedures as well as simple daily tasks. Interpreters and translators are the only persons that can link them to their new world and help them to adapt.

Some Tips on Afrikaans Greetings

As in many countries, it is common to give a handshake as a greeting between two persons – including children – that do not know each other or in a formal relationship. However, between friends and members of a family, it is accepted to give a kiss on the lips – excluding between two men. Same action is taken for parting apart in addition to the expression “Totsiens” which means “Till we see each other again”.

República da África do Sul

Did you know that South Africa, even though its official language is English and Afrikaans is well-known as a Germanic language, was originally discovered by a Portuguese explorer? Bartolomeu Dias was the first leader of a European voyage to discover Southern Africa in 1487. He discovered the southernmost point of Africa which he first called Cape of Storms (Cabo das Tormentas) before it was renamed Cape of Good Hope (Cabo da Boa Esperança) – nowadays Cape Town. Jan van Riebeeck discovered the Cape of Good Hope while transporting slaves from Madagascar. After numberless of battles and wars, South Africa became a British colony before it declared its independence in 1910.

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