Translation Internship in Birmingham

My professional goal has always been to become an expert interpreter so I have always tried to make the best choices to achieve this goal; this is the reason why after my studies in Italy I decided to move to Birmingham and to start my internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations.

I was really excited when Mr. Haidari, the Manager of this company, accepted my application because finally I had the opportunity to put in practice all the things that I learned during my scholastic career and to put myself to the test.

I started my internship in January and I remember very well my first day: I was so excited and I had so many expectations but at the same time I was really scared. Everybody in the office was really busy, and there were telephones ringing, emails arriving, meetings, clients and interpreters coming into the office: it was the first time in this environment and I really didn’t know how to manage the situation.

At the beginning I didn’t know how to deal with problems, I didn’t know how to manage stressful situations but everybody in the office has always been really kind and patient with me and day by day I was increasingly happy and proud of my experience.

I was trained on how to deal with translation projects, with interpreting services, and how to handle clients; during this experience I improved my English skills in fact working in an English environment helped me to be more fluent and confident with the language.

In conclusion I just would like to say that this experience matured me and not only professionally but personally as well and for these reasons I would like to thanks my colleagues and my managers and I recommend this experience to all the people that has the ambition to become a successful interpreter or translator.