Greek Interpreting Services in Birmingham

Greek Interpreting Services in Birmingham

Greek Interpreting Services in Birmingham

Greek is spoken by approximately 13 million people worldwide. With the Greek diasporas, many people migrated abroad, 400,000 of whom reside now in the United Kingdom, in large cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham. Our Greek Interpreting Services in Birmingham may then be useful for you when you’ll have to deal with a Greek speaking person.

Birmingham, one of the most multicultural cities of the UK

Right after London, Birmingham is the biggest city of the United Kingdom with the largest communities of foreign people, Greek being one of them. With that in mind, the role of Birmingham Translation Agency company is easily deducible.

BTA bridging communication across languages

BTA was formed to help people communicate with one another seamlessly while they do not share a common language. At BTA we provide the best Greek Interpreting Services in Birmingham and across the UK, which are professional, of high quality and cost-effective.
Since 2007 we have been providing our services to both clients from public and private sectors, and have so far always met the highest requirements and expectation of our customers. This was only possible thanks to the sheer determination of our linguists and to our professional and highly qualified interpreters, who are experienced in their job and always fulfill their tasks with the utmost commitment.
BTA Greek interpreters are generally native speakers of the target language, and hold qualifications in interpreting and in its specific fields such as Medical, Court, Business, Technical interpreting and so on, in order to face every communicational situation. They are moreover CRB checked and undergo regular Continual Professional Development trainings to ensure their compliance with the latest legislations.

Versatility to meet every requirement

In order to fulfill every task, BTA interpreters provide different Interpreting services divided into type and mode:

Types of Interpreting Modes of Interpreting
Conference Interpreting Simultaneous Interpreting
Business Interpreting Consecutive Interpreting
Court Interpreting Whispering Interpreting
Medical Appointment Interpreting Telephone Interpreting
Technical Interpreting Video Remote Interpreting


When booking an interpreter, you can combine any type with any mode of interpreting according to the nature of your appointment, and BTA will find the Greek interpreter who is most suitable for you. Guaranteed!


Another important aspect you should be aware of is that the Greek interpreters working at BTA have all signed the Confidentiality Agreement, in order to safeguard the complete privacy of your data. Moreover, that our company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 data protection act 1998

How do I book a Greek interpreter at BTA?

Booking a Greek interpreter at BTA is simple and quick, just do one of these three simple things:

  • Call us on 0121 268 0077 and choose option 1
  •  Send us a fax on 0121 345 0806
  • E-mail us at enquiries at

Remember that BTA can provide first class Greek Interpreters in London and in other cities too!

How much would it cost?

Not much, as we provide professional, yet cheap 24/7 Greek Interpreting Services in Birmingham and across the UK. We are one of the most cost-effective interpreting companies on the British market, but that does not affect in any way the quality of our services.
For a free and no obligation quote, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call us on english flag.bmp-for-web-small+44 (0) 121 268 0077 or email us at enquiries at

 Random useful information about Greek


• The Canon of ancient Greek literature has a massive importance in the history of Europe and its cultural development, thanks to monumental pieces of work such as Iliad and Odyssey.
• Greek is the native language of the southern Balkans, the Aegean Islands, Western Asian Minor, South Caucasus and Cyprus.
• During classical antiquity, Greek was the Lingua Franca in the Mediterranean World and became the official language of the Byzantine Empire. Nowadays, it is the official language in Greece and Cyprus and a recognised minority one in seven other countries.
• Together with Latin, Greek is the predominant source of International Scientific Vocabulary: many languages find their roots in Latin and Greek often used them to coin new words.


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Contributor Virginia Piergentili