French Interpreters in Birmingham 

French Interpreters in Birmingham

French Interpreters in Birmingham

France is one of the greatest investors and the first European investing country in the UK. The French are investing in a lot of projects in England and that is why you might need our French Interpreters in Birmingham! Your request might be regarding trade, culture, science, defense, political affairs, education… Whatever the field is, our French Interpreters in Birmingham are ready to help you meet your targets.

Every interpreter working for Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) is experienced, highly qualified and specialised in a certain field. When contacting us, simply specify what will be the purpose of the appointment/event and we will make sure to assign the right linguist for you. The process of booking an interpreter is as simple as the one explained in this short video. “How to Book and Interpreter”.  Moreover every French interpreter working with BTA is subject to Enhanced CRB/DBS check, which guarantees safety and integrity at work.

Different Types of French Interpreters

French Interpreters in Birmingham

French Interpreters in Birmingham

French language is not only spoken in France, but also in many other countries all over the world: you might need a Belgian or Canadian Interpreter, or a linguist who has African origins, should it be from Morocco, Tunisia, Guinea… If you have any specific requirements regarding the nationality of our interpreters, we will be ready to help you find the professional you need.

Public Service Interpreting

Our interpreters are not only available for dealing with high-level meetings but they can also help you dealing with common tasks in your everyday life if you do not feel comfortable enough with English language. Some of our interpreters are specialised in offering Public Service Interpreting, and they can assist you during an appointment at a doctor’s, a meeting with a solicitor, with a social worker, at the police station … You should not hesitate to book our French Interpreters in Birmingham or wherever else in the UK because one of the main aims of our company is to help people communicate and help them in their everyday lives to make them feel comfortable in a new environment.

Different Types of Services

Our company offers a wide range of interpreting services: when contacting us, you can ask for the one which is the most convenient for you. Here is a table with our offers:

Types of interpreting:                                           Modes of interpreting:

Conference Interpreting Consecutive Interpreting
Business Interpreting Simultaneous Interpreting
Court Interpreting Video Remote Interpreting
Technical Interpreting Telephone Interpreting
Public Service Interpreting Whispering Interpreting


How to book a French Interpreter with BTA

Booking a French interpreter in Birmingham with us is very easy: simply call this number 0121 268 0077 or email us at this address

Moreover, you should know that our interpreters have all signed a Confidentiality Agreement so the privacy of your data is guaranteed. Our company is also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Written by Emilie Ducau