Gikuyu Interpreters in Birmingham

If you are looking for Gikuyu Interpreters in Birmingham for your meeting and/or appointment, you can stop right there, because Birmingham Translations Agency (BTA) has the solution to your problems.


As a leading Interpreting and Translations Company in the West Midlands, Birmingham Translations Agency (BTA) is committed to providing professional and reliable Gikuyu interpreters for your meetings in Birmingham and in the surrounding areas. Our interpreters are native speakers of the language with guarantees that the cultural matters are strictly respected.


Because everyone is different, BTA can provide you with the ideal professional Gikuyu interpreter meeting your every need. Indeed, interpreters can have qualifications in different fields of the craft. As our Company is working with clients from the medical, legal, finance fields and so on, we make sure that our Gikuyu interpreters are fully prepared to interpret in that field.

Here at BTA, we provide professional qualified and trained Gikuyu interpreters for a lot of different situations including:

  • Court Interpreting
  • Police Interpreting
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Business Interpreting
  • International Interpreting
  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Voiceovers


As it is a former colony, Kenya maintains good relationships with the United Kingdom. Being one of the most powerful countries in the world, the UK is also a good place to start a new life. That is why around 150,000 Kenyans live in the country, in cities such as Birmingham which is the second largest-city of the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, not all Kenyan immigrants are Gikuyu.

Even though English is one of the official languages in Kenya, it is not the most widely spoken. Immigrants from Kenya often need help to understand their new environment and to deal with complicated procedures as well as simple daily tasks. Interpreters and translators are here to help them adapt to their new lives.


Gikuyu, also called Kikuyu, is a language spoken by the Kikuyu people, the largest ethnic group of Kenya with 6.5 million speakers which represents 22% of the Kenyan population. Gikuyu is divided into four mutually intelligible dialects: Kirinyaga, Muranga, Nyeri and Kiambu. Mutual intelligibility between two or more languages or dialects means that the concerned languages/dialects only have slight variations and that people who speak these languages can easily understand each other.

Most of the Kikuyu people are bilingual or even trilingual as Kenya has two official languages: English and Swahili. Gikuyu is indeed not an official language, even though it is spoken by the most important ethnic group in the country.


Each country has its own customs and traditions. Here are some tips to understand how to greet and speak with a Kenyan:

VOICE&BODY – Kenyans are discreet people and only adopt a loud voice and gesticulations when they’re angry. It is better to keep a soft voice and to calm down your body expression when you speak to them.

RUSH HOUR – Trying to rush a meeting is considered rude. Take your time, ask Kenyans about their family’s wellbeing and make small talk.

BARGAIN – Expect to bargain during negotiations as it is common for businessmen to give the highest price possible, it is usually 3-4 times the price that another Kenyan would pay.

LATE – “African Time” is not as strict as “Western Time”. Indeed, it is common to run late or not to be able to complete a service. Be patient, all things will come to those who wait.


Did you know that Gikuyu uses a modified Latin alphabet? Indeed, some of the letters in the original Latin alphabet are not used by the Kikuyu people: f, l, p, q, s, v, x, z.

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