Bahdini Interpreters in Birmingham

Bahdini, also known as Badinani, constitutes a dialect of Kurdish language and is spoken mainly in the northern Iraq. It is considered Iroquoian version of Kurmanji Kurdish and the dialect owes its name to the area where it is spoken i.e. Bahdinian region in Iraq.

Our Bahdini interpreting services

Bahdini Interpreter

Bahdini Interpreters in Birmingham

Do you do business with any Bahdini speaking partners and want to ensure smooth and trouble-free communication? Do you work in an organisation which seeks Bahdini interpreters for patients when attending GP’s appointment or when appearing before court? Or maybe you are an Iraqi immigrant and do not feel confident with your English enough to handle administrative matters all by yourself? No worries, we are here to help. As one of leading translation and interpreting companies in the UK, Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) provides a wide range of interpreting services not only in the city of Birmingham but also in London, Manchester Essex and Stoke on Trent. For more than 8 years we have been successfully conducting our interpreting and translating activity for both private and public sector clients.

Types of Interpreting Services

Here, at BTA, we understand that each communication situation requires different type of interpreting. We have been providing high quality, professional interpreting services for various events, ranging from large multilingual conferences, through doctor’s appointment to small, cameral business meetings and have always met all requirements and expectations of our clients. In our offer you will find:

  • simultaneous interpreting,
  • consecutive interpreting,
  • whispered interpreting,
  • telephone interpreting and even
  • voiceover.

However we do not limit ourselves to interpreting services only. We provide also a large variety of translation and transcription services as well.

How to find a Professional Bahdini Interpreter

All Bahdini interpreters working for BTA are professional, high qualified and reliable native speakers of a language. Our interpreters are CRB/DBS checked and constitute a guarantee of confidentiality and full discretion. Moreover all of our interpreters are very well trained as they regularly undergo rigorous interpreting courses conducted in our office in Birmingham. They hold qualifications not only in the interpreting itself but also in specific fields of this craft such as legal, medical or business interpreting.

Contact us

If you need professional Badhini iterpreters or Bahdini translation services, contact us now using the Get Free Quote in Minutes button at the top of this page. If you are interested in booking a Bahdini interpreter, please call as on 0121 268 0077 and our booking team will be pleased to help you find a suitable person fitting your requirements.