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Also called Asamiya, Assamese is the official language of Assam, a state located in North-Eastern India. It is also spoken in Bangladesh and Bhutan, as these countries welcome a significant amount of Assam people. Assamese is the native language of around 16 millions of people. Assamese has numerous dialects. It can be divided in four groups: Eastern, Central, Kamrupi and Goalpariya which correspond to the different regions of Assam.


Starting a new life abroad is not easy, especially if you are not proficient in the language of your new country. Sometimes, you need help to make sure you fully understand the matters concerning your life. You also want to make sure that people fully understand you so that they’re able to help. At Birmingham Translations Agency (BTA), we know it is not easy to start over. Therefore, we are happy to staying by your side and assisting you every step of the way.

You, as a professional, can also call on the services of an Assamese interpreter for a business meeting or an international conference. Our Company provides professional qualified and trained Assamese interpreters for many different types of interpreting including:

Simultaneous Interpreting

Assamese Interpreters in Birmingham

Assamese Interpreters in Birmingham

Consecutive Interpreting

Whispered Interpreting (Chuchotage)

Court Interpreting

Police Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

Business Interpreting

International Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting


Our services for Assamese interpreters cover the active city of Birmingham, its surrounding areas in the West Midlands and even further.

As India has 22 national languages, it is important to be careful and to know exactly which one of these is needed. We ensure that our interpreters are native speakers of the language so that the cultural matters are respected. They are also trained on a regular basis to ensure they are aware of their role and the importance of their professionalism and discretion.


As the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham welcomes each year many Assamese immigrants, with many of them not being able to speak English well enough to hold a conversation, for instance during an interview or at a GP appointment. Therefore, interpreters and translators are often needed to facilitate the life of Assamese people.

Did you also know there was an organisation called “United Assam Association of the UK”? Indeed this association aims at gathering all the Assamese population in the UK in order to keep their culture and to share their experience with one another. It is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to create a sense of unity between people of the same country. Assamese people also created to help other less fortunate people from Assam, as most of them speak perfectly English.

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