Website Translation

Do you have your own company? Are you thinking about starting your business activity on the foreign market? Do you require a website translation service? Than we are here for you!

We live in the world stuffed with technology and based on Internet – every self-respecting businessman runs a website to promote his or her own services and to encourage new customers. That is why, when you are thinking about establishing a company in another country, you also have to establish the new website, translated into another language and adjusted to the different cultures, which will help you gain new clients.

Translations in over 365 Languages

At Birmingham Translation Agency we can provide you with the website translation service in more than 265 languages, including: Mandarin, Japanese, Czech, Polish, French, German, Italian and many more. Just choose the language you need, and let us do our job.

BTA is a Company with over 15 years experience in the field of software and website  translation. We select only the best translators to provide our clients with the trustworthy and reliable services. We believe that professional businessmen must rely on professional service providers. That is why we are the leading translation agency in Birmingham and across the UK.

Localisation Services

Along with the website translation service, you should also consider the other option we offer called localisation. Localisation means the adjustment of your website to the local culture and language, as well as expectations and requirements of the local market. In other words, to attract new clients, you have to be like them – use similar language, which also has to be easily understandable.

Our team of qualified translators can help you with adaptation of your website content, and can provide you with another version while taking into consideration your expectations and ideas.

If you need any additional information or you have decided to entrust us with the translation of your website, just call us or use the Get Your Free Quote Now option at the right hand side of the page. We will do our best to help you expand your business. As we always do.