Software Translation

With no hesitations we can state that 21st century is the century of new technologies. In the face of vastly growing popularity of computers, smartphones and tablets, each week thousands of new applications and software are created. The only solution to enable the global success of new products is to provide the users with different language versions of newly created software. And our software translation services will enable it!

Professional Video Games Translation

Every day all over the world millions of teenagers and children play games on different platforms, such as computers, consoles and tablets. If you as a producer, would like to popularise your game, and achieve international success, you have to have your game translated into different languages. Only then will you be able to introduce it in the foreign gaming market.

The best way to do that is to choose the translation provider that is already experienced in this particular field. Birmingham Translation Agency is just one of those companies. Our several years experience in the area of software translation and interpreting allows us to introduce ourselves as professionals, who are here to meet the needs, expectations and requirements of our clients.

Prompt and Precise Localisation Services

Along with our utmost quality software translation, we also offer you another service extremely useful in the are of video games – localisation. To localise the game means to adjust it to the culture and the way of language usage of the recipient. The game environment must make an impression of naturalness; it has to reflect the culture and habits of the users. We can most certainly state that good translation and perfect localisation are the key to your success!