Jordanian Arabic Interpreters in Birmingham

Jordanian Arabic is a native language for most Jordanians, although the official language of the country remains Modern Standard Arabic. Jordanian constitutes a non-standard version of Arabic language with many English, French and Turkish influences. It is widely used in everyday conversations between people, but all documents, literary works etc. are written in Arabic. Lessons in schools are also conducted in Arabic.

Jordanian interpreting

Are you planning to start a business and cooperate with some Jordanian-speaking partners or clients? Are you a Jordanian immigrant who decided to move to the UK and who still encounters problems with administrative matters in English offices and councils? Or maybe you don’t feel confident enough to go to the doctor’s or dentist’s without the professional support of a Jordanian interpreter? Don’t worry, we are the best place to look for one!

Birmingham Translation Agency

Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA), as a leading translation and interpreting company in the market, has been successfully providing top quality services since 2006. Over the past years, we have provided our professional Jordanian interpreters to both private and public sector clients, such as the NHS, law firms, solicitors, schools, media services, city councils and many others.

Types of Interpreting Services in BTA

BTA has been providing quality interpreting services for 8 years now and have always met client’s high expectations and requirements. As each situation is different, we can provide you with many different types of interpreting. In our offer you will find:

Types of interpreting:                            Modes of interpreting:

Conference Interpreting Consecutive Interpreting
Business Interpreting Simultaneous Interpreting
Social Interpreting Relay Interpreting
Court Interpreting

Medical Interpreting

Whispered Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting

Technical Interpreting Video Remote Interpreting

According to your situation, we can combine the types and the modes of interpreting in order to find the perfect match for your interpreting session. Our Jordanian Interpreters in Birmingham and UK wide will be more than pleased to help you.

Our Jordanian Interpreters

All Jordanian interpreters working for BTA are native speakers of this language and have outstanding credentials. As we are the only translation and interpreting company which regularly conducts rigorous training for our staff, they are all highly qualified and professional. Our interpreters are also CRB/DBS checked and have signed the Confidentiality Agreement to fully protect your privacy, in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 under which the company is registered.

Booking a Jordanian Interpreter is easy!

 To book an interpreter at BTA you just need opt for one of the following:

  • Call us on 01212680077 then choose option 1
  • E-mail us at enquiries at
  • Send us a fax on 0121 345 0806

As soon as we have found the perfect interpreter for you, we’ll send you an e-mail or a fax confirmation with all the details of the appointment, including the name of the interpreter.

Our Jordanian Interpreters in Birmingham and UK wide are qualified professionals who perform their assignments at a wallet-friendly rate for you. For a free and no obligation quote, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call us on +44 (0) 121 268 0077 or email us at enquiries at

We hope to hear from you soon!