Kannada Interpreters in Birmingham

Kannada Interpreters in Birmingham

Kannada Interpreters in Birmingham

Kannada is a language spoken in India, mostly in the Southern Indian region of Karnataka. It is the 33rd most spoken language in the world. The Indian minority living in England includes native-speakers of Kannada. If you need support to enter in contact with someone who speaks Kannada, please, stay on the page to learn more about our offers for Kannada Interpreters in Birmingham.

Kannada Interpreters for All

BTA is committed to respecting the aim of allowing international communication. Our partnership with various national organisations such as the NHS or local authorities brings support to people who just settled in Birmingham and need linguistic assistance. Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) can provide you with cost-effective interpreting sessions, be it for a GP appointment, a meeting with a solicitor or a business conference…

Expert Kannada Interpreters in Birmingham   

Our Kannada Interpreters in Birmingham are native-speakers of that language, and therefore, they are able to render your speech in the most precise way possible. All our interpreters have a specialisation of their own, as well as an interpreting qualification and wealth of experience: they have the ability to help you meet your targets by providing linguistic and cultural support during any event or appointment. In the table below, you will be able to find a wide range of interpreting services we are providing at BTA:

       Types of interpreting:                                                        Modes of interpreting:

      Conference Interpreting                   Consecutive Interpreting
      Business Interpreting                   Simultaneous Interpreting
      Court Interpreting                   Telephone Interpreting
      GP Appointments Interpreting                   Whispering Interpreting
      Social Interpreting                   Relay Interpreting

 Confidentiality Rules

Our Kannada Interpreters in Birmingham are subject to Enhanced CRB-DBS check and have all signed a Confidentiality Agreement. You can therefore be sure that the linguists who you are working with are reliable people who will respect the privacy of your data.  Our company is also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

How to book a Kannada Interpreter with us

It is really easy to book a Kannada Interpreter in Birmingham with BTA! You can contact our booking team either by calling this number 01212680077 or by sending an email to this address: enquiries@birminghamtranslationagency.co.uk

We hope to hear from you soon!


Written by Emilie Ducau