Hebrew interpreters in Birmingham

Hebrew interpreters in Birmingham

Hebrew is the traditional language of Jewish people. Together with Arabic, it is the official language of the State of Israel. There are about 9 million Hebrew speakers around the world, with 7 million of them living in Israel  and speaking it as a mother tongue. As all Semitic languages, Hebrew has no vowels and is read from right to left just like Arabic. Do you need to do business with a Hebrew-speaking partner? Or are you a GP or a dentist treating Jewish patients? No problem! If you need Hebrew Interpreters in Birmingham or anywhere else in the UK, here at Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) we have what you’re looking for.

BTA crosses all language barriers

Birmingham Translation Agency is part of the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd group. It is also a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and of the European Association of Translation Companies (EU ATC). As a leading interpreting and translation company in the UK, BTA has been providing excellent Hebrew Interpreters in Birmingham and UK wide for 8 years. We

BTA interpreting services

Here at BTA, we understand that each communicative situation is different. Whether you need a Hebrew interpreter for your Hebrew client at a court hearing, or to help you file a report at a police station – you have chosen the right place. At BTA we provide a wide range of interpreting services, for large multilingual conferences or for small business meetings. In our offer you will find different types and modes of interpreting, such as

Types of interpreting:                              Modes of interpreting:

Medical Interpreting Consecutive Interpreting
Business Interpreting Simultaneous Interpreting
Court Interpreting Relay Interpreting
Technical Interpreting Telephone Interpreting
Conference Interpreting

Social Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting

Whispered Interpreting

BTA Hebrew interpreters
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All our Hebrew interpreters are native speakers of this language and regularly receive rigorous training at our office. They hold qualifications not only in interpreting itself, but also in specific fields of this profession, such as medical, business, technical or legal interpreting. They are all CRB/BDS checked and have all signed the Confidentiality Agreement, in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 under which our company is registered, to guarantee the full protection of your privacy.

Would you like to book a Hebrew  interpreter now?

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How much does it cost?

Even though our rates are among the lowest in the market, we provide 24/7 professional, highly qualified and experienced Hebrew Interpreters in Birmingham and UK wide.
For a free and no obligation quote, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call us on
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Cultural tips

When you meet an Orthodox Jewish person, remember never to shake hands with him or her if you are a representative of the opposite gender. According to Jewish beliefs, men and women should not touch each other in any way unless they are married.

If you want to be polite and show respect to a Hebrew-speaking person you can greet him or her with the word shalom, which in Hebrew literally means piece and is commonly used for both hello and goodbye.

Did you know?

The English word me sounds like Hebrew מי, which means who. So if you speak with a Hebrew speaker who doesn’t know English and you keep saying me pointing at yourself, he or she may think that you are experiencing an identity crisis!