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Amongst the large community of Indians now living in the United Kingdom, 815,000 people are Gujarati speakers: dealing with everyday problems, solving bureaucratic matters or attend a GP visit can be a hard task for those who don’t speak English, as well as for English speakers who have to deal with Gujaratis.
If you’re looking for Gujarati Interpreters in Birmingham, we are pleased to tell you that you’ve clicked on the right website!

Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA): overtaking the language barriers

The aim of BTA is to enable communication between people with different origins who don’t share a common language. At BTA we provide professional and experienced Gujarati Interpreters in Birmingham and across the UK who hold certificates not only in interpreting itself, but also in other fields of this craft such as Medical, Legal, Business, Technical interpreting and so on, in order to face any situation. Our Gujarati interpreters are all CRB checked, and they regularly undergo trainings during which they are instructed how to behave whilst interpreting. It is also of importance to state that BTA‘s interpreters are generally native speakers of the target language and are therefore not only bilingual but also bicultural, which guarantees the respect of client’s beliefs and culture.

Versatile interpreting

As a leading provider of interpreting services, at BTA we know that every communication situation is different, thus we have broadened our offer as follows:

Modes of interpreting:                                Types of interpreting:

Simultaneous Interpreting                         Conference Interpreting
Consecutive Interpreting                            Technical Interpreting
Whispered Interpreting                              Legal Interpreting
Telephone Interpreting                               Medical Appointment Interpreting
Video Remote Interpreting                         Business Interpreting

Regardless of whom you are, a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman or a manufacturer, we have the right solution for you. You can combine any type with any mode of interpreting; we guarantee your full satisfaction!


Another important aspect you should be aware of is that the Gujarati interpreters working at BTA have all signed the Confidentiality Agreement, in order to guarantee the complete privacy of your data. Moreover, we inform you that our company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

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How much would it cost?

Not much, as we provide reliable, professional, 24/7 Gujarati Interpreters in Birmingham and UK wide! For a free and no obligation quote, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call us at +44 (0) 121 268 0077 or email us at enquiries at


  • Gujarati was the first language of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Ten of the 25 richest Indians are from Gujarat.
  • Gujarat is the only home of Asiatic Lions.
  • Gujarat is the largest producer of milk in India.

About Gujarati

Gujarati is the native language of the West Indian region of Gujarat, of which it is the official language, as well as of Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Amongst the 1.21 billion of people in India, 54.6 million of them speak Gujarati: with an additional 10.9 million speakers worldwide, Gujarati is the 27th most spoken native language in the world.

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