Emberá Interpreters in Birmingham

Do you want to arrange a meeting for your business and one of you guests speak Emberá language? Are you a doctor with an Emberá patient? Are you an Emberá person who needs help for an appointment? Look no further, Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) has the solution for everything!


Emberá, also known as Choco, is a dialect continuum spoken by an ethnic group called the Emberá people, located in north-western Colombia and south-eastern Panama. A
dialect continuum is a range of dialects spoken across a large geographical area, differing only slightly between areas that are geographically close to each other, and gradually decreasing in mutual intelligibility as the distances become greater.


As Emberá is a dialect continuum, the choice of the interpreter for each client is essential. It is useless to book an interpreter who cannot understand the person he or she has to interpret for. At BTA, we make sure that our Emberá interpreters come from the same area as you or your clients to ensure that the communication will go smoothly and that the cultural matters will be respected.

As a leading Interpreting and Translations Company based in the UK, BTA offers Emberá interpreters trained on a regular basis so that they can work with the utmost professionalism. Our Company provides professional qualified and trained Emberá interpreters for several occasions including:


It is not common for Embera people to immigrate to foreign countries, especially to European countries, as they usually stay amongst themselves. They are however in need of humanitarian aid from other countries as the people has been suffering from the constant confrontations between the army and the guerrillas over the past 30 years. The United Kingdom sometimes sends resources and medicines through various humanitarian organisations such as Christian Aid. The communication between the representatives of the international aid and the Emberá people is essential in order to fully understand their needs. In this case, people strongly need an interpreter as they are the link between the people offering help and the people needing help.

When it comes to helping population in danger, BTA is willing to doing its best to make a difference. Therefore we are happy to send our qualified interpreters on the field to work with the people and the humanitarian groups to allow them to cooperate in the best way possible.


Each country has its own customs and traditions. Here are some tips to understand how to greet and speak with an Emberá person:

FOOD – Emberá people are humble. They eat what they have hunted over an open fire. If you have the chance to go to an Emberá village, they expect you to eat local and fresh fishes and vegetables.

DRESS – Despite the tropical climate, you are expected to dress formally during business meetings.


Did you know that “Emberá” means “human being” or “man”? Indeed, Emberá people use the word that describes them the most. Sometimes it they can also use to refer to indigenous people who are not Emberá people.

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