Dari Interpreters in Birmingham

Dari language

Dari is spoken by approximately 10 million people and is, alongside Pashto, one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. About half of the population of Afghanistan speaks Dari and over 90% can understand it, as it is the standard language used in administration, government, radio, television and print media. It is estimated that there are 56,000 Afghans living in the UK; the West Midlands welcomes the second highest number of Afghans after London, with large communities in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton and minor communities in Walsall.

Dari interpreting services

Do you need a Dari interpreter to communicate with your Afghan clients? Do you have to organise a business meeting with Dari-speaking partners? Are you a Dari speaker looking for an interpreter to deal with your new life in the UK? Whatever your situation might be, Birmingham Translation Agency is willing to provide you with any kind of interpreting service.

Among the services we provide you will find:

Qualified Dari interpreters

All our Dari interpreters are bilingual professionals who have been carefully selected over the years. As being fluent in a foreign language is not enough to deliver a high-quality service, our interpreters specialise in different fields of expertise to provide professional and reliable services.

Dari business etiquette

  • Business cards – Business cards are not widely used in Afghanistan, therefore they carry a sense of importance and prestige. If you are given a business card, make sure to look at it carefully to show your interest in your business partner’s credentials.
  • Dress code – Men should wear formal suits and shoes. Women should always dress modestly and conservatively, the general rule is to show as little flesh as possible from the neck downwards.
  • Business meetings – Business is a personal matter in Afghanistan, invest some time in getting to know your counterparts. Organise some initial meetings to establish trust, once this has been accomplished you can move on to negotiations.
  • Negotiations – Afghans generally negotiate with a win-lose mentality, make sure to play your cards right. Generally the oldest person is the decision maker; make sure you negotiate directly with him/her.

Prompt and professional interpreting services

If you are looking for a Dari interpreter this is the right place for you, contact us and book one of our professional interpreters. Our booking system is fast and efficient and we can guarantee the fastest turnaround and very competitive rates.

We are willing to provide you with a free quote and to answer all your enquiries, call us now on  +44 (0)121 268 0077 or email us at enquiries@absolute-interpreting.co.uk.