Arabic Interpreting Services in Birmingham

There are more than 240,000 Arabs living in the United Kingdom, of which approximately 110,000 live in London. Birmingham, as the second biggest city in the UK, is also a region with a very significant Arab population. If you are looking for a professional Arabic interpreter then Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) is the language service provider in the City! We can provide you with the leading Arabic Interpreting Services in Birmingham and UK wide.

Experienced and Professional Arabic Interpreters

At BTA we value each and every client regardless of whether they are private customers or public institutions. That is why we do our best to provide leading and high quality interpreting services. We use only certified interpreters, who have many years experience and posses the necessary and required knowledge in the fields they specialise in.

Prompt Services at Competitive Prices

Our professional and friendly Booking Team work round the clock to book most suited interpreters for our clients to ensure they meet client expectations, that is why we are one of the leading Arabic Interpreting Services provider in Birmingham and across the UK. Moreover, we offer professional services at very reasonable and competitive prices.

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Simultaneous and Consecutive Arabic Interpreters

At BTA we offer a wide range of different interpreting services. Our clients can choose from:

Simultaneous Interpreting
– Consecutive Interpreting
– Whispering Interpreting
– Telephone Interpreting
– Voiceover

We work only with the best interpreters who have the right credentials and qualifications as well as many years experience in the area of linguistics and interpreting itself.

And those services are related only to the spoken language! Apart from that we also offer certified translation services as well as proofreading and transcription services.

Arabic Language and Brief History

Arabic language is the native language for more than 375 million speakers all over the world. As an official language of over 20 countries, it is mainly used in countries of the Arab League, such as Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Yemen. Arabic was evolving for a vast period of time, changing its forms, scripts and having various versions throughout the history. Now the literary language is called Modern Standard Arabic, and is the only official version of Arabic. It is used in most of the official documents, lectures and news broadcasts. Arabic is universally written, read and understood in its classical, standard form. However, there are still many variations of the spoken Arabic language that are mutually unintelligible. That means  they actually could be considered different languages.

Did you know?

One of the most interesting things that differs the Arabic language from European languages is that it reads from right to left. Moreover, many people share the common misconception, thinking that Arabic alphabet is very complicated and has a lot of characters, which behave differently depending on the structure or meaning – it has only 28 characters, which are joined up, and there are actually only five basics shapes.

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