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Breton is a Celtic language spoken in Brittany, which is located in the north-west of France. This Brittonic language was brought to France from Great Britain by migrating Britons during the Early Middle Ages. It has many similarities with Cornish as they both are south-western Brittonic languages.

According to the data published by the Breton Language Office at the beginning of the 20th century there were almost 2 million native Breton speakers. Over time, this number has significantly declined and there are now only 250,000 native Breton speakers, which is why UNESCO decided to put it on the list of severely endangered languages.

Qualified and professional Breton interpreters

Do you do business with any Breton partners? Would you like the communication to go smoothly during your business meetings or calls? Or maybe you are a medical organization who has to provide qualified interpreters for Breton patients? Whether you are an organization or an individual seeking professional help with administrative matters, we are here to help you! As a leading interpreting and translation company, our Birmingham Translation Agency (BTA) provide a wide range of professional interpreting services not only in the city itself but in the adjacent areas as well. Although our main office is located in Birmingham, we also conduct our interpreting and translating activity in London, Manchester, Essex and Stoke-on-Trent.

Types of interpreting

Depending on the situation you are in, you may require a different type of interpreting service. Each communication situation is different and therefore an interpreter has to be prepared for any eventuality when accompanying a client in a GP surgery, on a business meeting, in court or at the police station. BTA offers a wide range of different types and modes of interpreting services:

We don’t only provide interpreting services; we also offer transcription and translation services. It will only take you a few seconds to send us your document and you will receive a quote right away.

All interpreters working for BTA are qualified and well-trained as they undergo regular and rigorous trainings held in our office. Moreover, they all have outstanding credentials and are CRB checked, which guarantees their professional service and full discretion.

Did you know?

  • According to the French constitution, there is only one official language. For quite a long time, Breton was only spoken at home and in many cases parents would decide not to pass it onto their children because they were afraid it might give them a disadvantage in life.
  • Yann Tiersen (composer) and Jules Verne (pioneer science-fiction writer) are both from Brittany.

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Written by Agnieszka Kurmas